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Omani businessmen allegedly duped by an Indian in Saham

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Two Omani businessmen allegedly duped by an Indian in Saham are expecting that they will be liable for more money than initially estimated.

Ahmed Al Fasari and Ibrahim Al Fasari told that day by day the amount is going up and it may be above OMR200,000 as fresh claims of duping are coming up.

“We are getting new claims. More bounced (cheques) are coming to us. We don’t know what can be done. We trusted him. He has ruined us. Both of us are under pressure. Answering calls and detailing what has happened itself is tiring us,” Ahmed said.

RV, an Indian company official, is missing since May 26, amid claims he defrauded the Omani businessmen of OMR200,000 in Saham.

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“He was trading building materials and electrical equipment. He bought goods on credit by producing company cheques and his personal cheques. He was reportedly selling them at lower price and collecting the money. All of a sudden, he ran away under the guise that he was going to airport to see off his brother in law to India,” the businessmen said.

According to Sajil Kumar, a senior official at the same company, the onus of clearing the debt has fallen on him.

“I introduced RV to the sponsors. We trusted him. I even gave him 1,000s of rials on credit to run the business. I even bought him a new car for the business needs. Now, that car is also missing,” Sajil said.

“OMR200,000 is a big amount for us. Now, I am stuck,” Sajil said while attending calls from customers and other company officials who were asking to clear the debt.

“Defaulted payments of OMR31,000 and OMR20,000 to two big companies in Muscat. Moreover, the banks are calling us on cheque bouncing cases,” Sajil added.

The company has filed a case with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and has lodged a complaint with the Indian embassy to track down RV.

“ROP officials are probing the case. If they find that RV has left Oman then we will approach Interpol. Meanwhile, the Indian embassy also has assured us to connect with the authorities back in India,” Sajil added.

In 2015 a number of companies were duped by a trading firm in Muscat owned by an Omani and run by an Indian manager. The companies claimed that they suffered a loss of at least OMR1 million.

Source: TimesOfOman