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Fireworks, illuminations highlights of 46th National Day

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Fireworks and illuminations along streets will be the highlights of the 46th National Day celebrations this year. The lights will remain till the end of the month.

An official from the Supreme Committee for National Day celebrations, which is in charge of the programmes and decorations said, “To mark the 46th National Day celebrations, colourful lights and flags have been installed from Al Bustan to Bait al Baraka roundabout in Muscat.

“Visual surprises of different designs are being tried this year. Fireworks are also in store.

“It is different at different places. We have glowing guitar and musical notes all along the street of Royal Opera House Muscat. We also have the majmar or the bukhoor stand and glowing marash (the instrument used to spray perfume). Festoon lighting is compulsory every year on the middle of the road divider. We have three different types of glowing flowers in different parts of the city as well.”

The official said that a lot of effort has gone into conceiving the idea and getting it approved. “Tenders were invited for supply of required materials.”

He said that there will be 30-minute fireworks in Amerat and Seeb in Muscat and in Salalah. “We gave the suppliers the specifications and they have manufactured them accordingly.”

The fireworks have been planned keeping the safety and convenience of people in mind as last year people got caught in traffic jams after the fireworks, he said.

“An important aspect of the fireworks is that it won’t go beyond 300m. It has been kept that high so that public can enjoy it from a distance of say 500m. So this year, people can enjoy the fireworks from a distance of even one and a half kilometres and quickly disperse without getting caught in a traffic jam.”

Apart from other government agencies, the Public Authority for Civil Aviation has been informed about the firework timings. “Flights that ply on the routes will be diverted as a precautionary step.”

People can call up the office of the Supreme Committee for National Day celebrations (2469 6920) or the Muscat Municipality Call Centre (1111) to get the location of fireworks.

Fireworks will begin at 8pm.

Source: MuscatDaily