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Exclusive: ROP accepts NOC in presence of company representatives


Expatriates can change their job if representatives of both the companies are present at the ROP office, confirming there is no objection to the releasing of the employee to the new sponsor.
Speaking exclusively to the Observer, Major Rashid bin Sulaiman al Abri, public relations department, ROP, said, Reports that are circulated in the media is not fully correct.
He said new regulations that have been introduced from January 1 such as the presence of company representative to attest that they have no objection in release of their employee to the new sponsor. “This decision comes in the wake of several instances of ‘fake’ NOCs been submitted.”
These regulations should be taken positively as they are part of the efforts to streamline the job market as per the requirements of the industry. It assures the rights of both the employees and their employers.
“There are exemptions with regards to certain categories of professions, which are considered by the immigration officials as per the requirements of the labour market,” Al Abri said.

Reference: OmanObserver