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30 injured Omani fans recover, return home – Oman

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An official from the Oman Football Association (OFA) told Muscat Daily that only ten out of the 40 injured fans are still in Kuwait. About 40 people sustained ‘minor injuries’ in the incident.

“Most of the people suffered minor injuries and many of the injured are already back in Oman,” confirmed a Ministry of Health official.

The incident occurred when the jubilant fans from the sultanate rushed to greet their team after its hard-earned 5-4 goal victory on penalties.

The barrier went down due to pressure caused by waves of moving fans, reported the Kuwait News Agency.

Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber al Mubarak al Sabah visited injured fans in hospital. Images of his visit were posted on social media by the Kuwait Football Association. The Kuwaiti authorities have launched an investigation into the incident.

The barrier at the stadium gave way as fans from Oman pressed against the glass during celebrations, with the team several metres below on the pitch, said an eyewitness.

“The area near the barrier was crowded as many supporters wanted to get closer to take photos of the players. It broke. We saw some of the Omani fans falling down to the pitch. But thank God, the injuries were not so serious,” said Husaam Sameer, an Omani fan and Bank Nizwa staff, who was at the stadium to support the team.

He expressed a word of thanks for Kuwaitis for their kind hearts.
“We really appreciate the hospitality of the Kuwaiti people from the time we arrived in the morning till the end of the match. As they came to know we were from Oman, they extended to us their full support and hospitality. Also, I thank all those who supported our travel, like OFA and special thanks to Bank Nizwa which facilitated the travel of 130 staff and customers.”

Saada al Naamani, another fan who was at the stadium, said she would never forget the hospitality extended to Omanis by Kuwaitis.

“All the Kuwaitis were so supportive right from the time we landed at the airport till the end of our trip.

“I must say Kuwaitis are kind people. They have been with us throughout. I also like to thank the Kuwaiti authorities and citizens who provided us all the support when the accident occurred,” she added.